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SC - Departyd will be a movie transposition from the comicbook The Party, written by Andrea Cavaletto, What convinced you to accept this commitment?

PV - First of all thanks to Splattercontainer for this interview. The idea to mix Maya Culture with horror is simply genial. Also because the characters have a great narrative power, and then the idea of transposing a comicbook into a movie is intriguing; i'm a comicbook author too and i simply love them! Much better still if the comicbook is European style! In Chile Fantasy doesn't exist, only political movies made by the rich for the rich. A kind of "Opus Dei" movie style and politically correct...therefore i do not like the movie culture in my country.

SC - Do you have any idea of the location where the movie will be shot?

PV - Yes: Santiago, the capital of Chile, it's a decadent City, sunk in materialism (as if it was a sort of New York), consequently it's the right place to shoot the first scenes of the movie.

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SC - What are be main characteristics of Departyd? What kind of movie will it be?

PV - It's a horror movie, but not an easy movie. On the contrary it is a movie with many "macabre-experimental" scenes like the ones in movies by Miike and Cronenberg. Departyd is not a full FX movie since they will only be used in the climax. It will be a gore movie, with a lot of sex and contorted characters. I would like it to be understood that it will not only be a horror movie as such, but it will be a movie with a good script and an incredible narrative structure.

SC - What are the difference between Curriculum and Departyd?

PV - Departyd is pure horror. This is the main difference from Curriculum which is a surreal thriller with strong influences by ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY and GUS VAN SANT. In my first movie i played around with violence, but in a more narrative than visual way. Departyd, on the contrary, is the result of two deranged minds: Andrea Cavaletto and me. We promise that there will be a great deal of violence both narrative and visual.

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SC - Comics and movies have lately been joining forces in a sort of creative communion. Do you think it is easy to transpose comics in movies? Judging by the results of other titles i personally don't think so...

PV - I do not agree and i'll give you two examples: Sin City by Frank Miller and Snuff 2000 by MIguel Angel Martin. I love these authors and i think the transposition of their works is very well done. About Andrea Cavaletto's work the situation is very different. The Party is a very short comicbook, therefore we cannot say "based on the comicbook by..." rather than "based on ideas and characters by...". Andrea has completely revised his story almost creating a new script.

SC - Having read the Brief synopsis i realized that it is going to be a major budget production, surely higher than Curriculum. What are you going to do in this respect?

PV - Of Course, unlike Curriculum, this movie has a much higher budget also because my intention is to grow up and evolve as far as technical and artistic level is concerned. At present we are covering 60% of the required budget and we are looking for other finances in order to complete the work. We are also trying to get funds from the Chilean Government, but the problem seems to be burocratic and conservative. At the same time we are also looking for american and/or Italian Investors. We are sure that with such a story we will have good possibilities of gain.

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SC - Therefore, you reckon there will be a possibility to involve another investor?

PV - Yes. Certainly. It would be fantastic to receive funds from people and/or Companies interested in the project.

SC - Should the new investor cover the other costs, how much would the amount be?

PV - The financial involvment in the above project is too complex to be analysed here, therefore i invite all interested investors to contact the producers directly at or

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